Scrivener's Texture Tiling

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This is sort of a more specific version of a question I asked a couple weeks ago: In Scrivener, I’ve noticed that when I choose an image to be either my text background or page background, that it tiles the image from the center of the interface element, not the corner. Is there any hidden preference I can set somewhere that will tile the image from the top left corner and not the center of the page/background? It’s really disappointing to hit such a brick wall with customizing the environment, so any help is deeply appreciated. (What can I say? I’m one of those writers to whom the interface and environment are a key ingredient in staying focused and inspired…)

If such a thing isn’t available, might I suggest including it as an improvement for the next edition of Scrivener?


This is just determined by NSColor’s -colorWithPatternImage:, which is Cocoa’s colour method for taking an image and tiling it, all handled by Cocoa itself. The only reason that there is the ability to add textures to backgrounds at all in Scrivener is because of the existence of this Cocoa method, otherwise I wouldn’t have added it, I’m afraid - adding custom background drawing routines for every single view that Scrivener can customise would be an enormous undertaking and not one I would particularly relish.

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Well, nonetheless, I appreciate your including the texture features we do have; they’re really cool. It’s really brightened up my work environment, and gives me that little extra bit of visual stimulation and inspiration, without getting in the way. It really is a cool feature, so thanks for putting it in there anyway!