Scrivening a Subplot?

I have various story arcs that weave together toward the conclusion, with different scenes shown from different POVs.

Is it possible to mark the scenes somehow and then work in Scrivenings mode, but only viewing those marked scenes? In other words, can I somehow filter Scrivenings mode to concentrate on one aspect of the story?


You can always manually select multiple documents in the Binder, then apply scrivenings mode for the selected documents.

If you use a keyword or label to mark each document with the relevant POV, then you can create a custom collection for each separate POV (and I believe those collections are dynamic – as you add more documents with the correct keyword or label, they should automatically be included in the collection). I believe you can then use scrivenings mode on that collection. (Apologies for not being able to test this – rebuilding my primary Windows machine right now because I made the mistake of using Insider Preview builds and then opted out, leaving my system in an unstable state.)

Thanks for the tip. That worked wonderfully. I assigned the POV character’s name as a keyword to each scene, searched on Keywords and for that name, and saved each search result as a collection.

Glad to be of service!