Scrivening mode & the "Automatically open selection" option

Let’s say I’m working in split editors, with one side in corkboard mode, the other in regular document mode.

The corkboard side has the “Automatically open selection in other editor pane” (AOS) enabled, so that as I click on different index cards, those docs are displayed in the other editor.

Now let’s say I switch the corkboard side into scrivenings mode.

As I scroll through the scrivenings, and the cursor enters different documents, the other editor updates its document as per the AOS button.

Is that how it’s intended to work?

I ask because it’s somewhat unexpected, since both editors end up showing the same document – which IS sometimes very useful but not always desired, but I also ask (mostly, really) because there is no AOS button in the scriv mode footer… so disabling AOS requires going back to CB (or Outline) mode… and that seems more consistent with AOS not being intended to work in scrivenings mode…

And it makes me wonder…