Scrivening scope spell checking

The question recently came up on the Windows forum as to whether it was possible to do scrivening scope spell checking, i.e. “find next misspelling” across multiple documents. My checking of 1.6.1 and suggest it is not supported. Mention in Gwen Hernandez’s ebook Scrivener for Dummies suggests that it may be in the Macintosh version (she just indicates can be done, but doesn’t differentiate as to whether that is in only one or both).

I haven’t encountered this as being a frustration, but perhaps something to consider.

Don’t know if this would just be implicit in Tools > Spelling, or would justify a separate Project Spelling entry.


On the Mac, scrivenings are built by putting all of the text together in a single editor and doing a lot of monitoring of any edits made to keep everything in sync; on Windows, scrivenings are really lots of editors stacked in top of one another. This is why selection across multiple scrivenings, spell-checking across multiple scrivenings, and so on, works on the Mac but not on Windows at the moment. Scrivenings on Windows is going to be completely rewritten to work the same as on the Mac, but this is a huge job, especially given the difference in the text engines between platforms, so it will be part of the next major Windows release (i.e. not 1.0). It’s something we are starting work on soon, though, and is a high priority for the next major Windows release.

I had just tried to do this very thing, check spelling across a multiple selection scrivening. I kind of expected it to work, especially as it is possible to do a regular document-level search (Ctrl-F) on a scrivening, which offhand seems like a somewhat kindred function. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to the next round of Windows betas. :wink: