Scrivening view

I can’t seem to get Scrivening view to work properly. I can see the titles of the cork board cards in ‘Scrivening’ style but not always the content of the cards.

There’s supposed to be a horizontal rule between each Scrivening. I see some kind of square brackets which give an indication of where one Scrivening ends and another begins (if I closely examine the screen!) but it doesn’t seem to be working as I would expect. But no rules.

I have consulted the manual and also the Take Control of Scrivener guide by Kirk McElhearn, so give me a mark for trying…

Bear in mind that the Scrivenings view is a view of the text of your draft; the contents of the Corkboard cards comprise the synopses of the text. The two will be different, unless you have taken steps to copy one to the other. The titles should of course be the same.

As regards the Scrivenings ‘document’ indicators, below them should be a line break, or not, depending on what you have selected in the Preferences (Formatting: Scrivenings, from memory). I may be wrong, but I don’t think the document indicators can be removed from the screen (but obviously they don’t show up in Compile). At least where the Mac version is concerned, I remember discussion of a proposal once for a horizontal rule, possibly ‘broken’, as a document indicator, but I don’t see it now. As I recall, users felt a horizontal rule would be too heavy-handed.

Yes, it sounds like you might have switched on “Separate scrivenings with single line breaks” in the Formatting preference pane. This uses a zero-height break with faint crop-marks in the margins to indicate section breaks. It’s mainly useful to scriptwriters who use Page View to estimate page length, as it doesn’t add any artificial “height” to the document—or just as a low-key alternative.

Got Scrivenings sorted now.
For the benefit of others, the preference ‘Separate with line breaks’ means effectively ‘Don’t separate’. Unchecking this provides greater separation – with a 3/4 rule.

Thanks, too, for clarity about the difference between synopsis (cards) and content.

A tiny further question – is there a way to increase the depth of the current 10 lines of synopsis pane? For me, synopsis is sometimes a quotation or reference which can run a bit longer. I know it scrolls but…

Yeah, right now the only way to effectively increase the size of the index card in the Inspector is to increase the width of the whole thing.