Scrivenings alternate documents formatting

If I remember correctly, in the previous version of Scrivener, when you edited several documents at once (“edit scrivenings” now “scrivenings”), alternate documents could have different backgrounds to show the change. Now there’s only a dividing line. I work in Full Screen. Is there a way to color alternate documents so I know when I’m on the next one as before?

No, the coloring got changed because it caused a lag on some systems. The new options are the divider line or, if you need something more subtle, little crop marks that won’t add any extra space (especially good for people who use page-view mode or who break sections down into very small chunks like paragraphs or sentences, but probably “subtle” is not what you want here). You can choose which to use in the Formatting pane of the preferences.Both are visible in full screen.

You could also turn on View>Editor>Show Titles in Scrivenings to have the document titles also visible, if that helps define your sections a little more.

Another option that might help you, if you’re just wanting to constantly keep track of your current document in full screen, is to open the inspector HUD in full screen. You can shrink it so it’s not taking up much space, but it will display the title (and synopsis or notes or whatever) of the document you’re currently working in.

Okay, cool. Thanks for the quick response. LOVE SCRIVENER, btw :smiley: