scrivenings bugs

Discovered a bug in Scrivenings and one that has caused Scrivener to crash three times today. In some ways it is similar to the full screen bug that has been reported previously.

Two things I have found:

  1. When you put a folder in Scrivenings and then use the arrow keys to scroll down and up, if you scroll up too far - e.g. you scroll up above the document in the folder, or if you scroll up and down too fast, the programme crashes.

  2. Scrivenings in full screen mode works fine. But I have found that when I exit the full screen mode and go back to the “normal” Scrivenings mode, the text has now been shunted over to the left hand side of the page - just as used to happen generally in full screen mode as reported by various users previously. If you then try to play around with it to rectify the problem the programme crashes.

All in all Scrivenings seems quite temperatmental and as I say the programme has crashed on me 3 or 4 times today.

Not sure if this bug has already been reported, apologies if it has but I wasn’t able to see it when I checked.