Scrivenings: Copy text from all sections

It would be useful (to me at least) if you could go into Scrivenings mode and copy the text from all the different sections/documents.

I fully understand why the program won’t let you delete text from a range of text that spans more than one document, because (as the manual says), the program won’t know now where one document ends and the next one starts. But that’s only a reason for the program to be set up to prevent you from deleting a range of text that spans more than one document. It’s not a reason for stopping you copying that text. If the program could be set up to allow you to copy only when you’ve selected such a range, that would be great.

(But I appreciate that it may be too difficult to program Scrivener to do this, or there may be other considerations which mean you don’t want to allow selecting across documents.)

I know that I can always export the text, I’m just looking for something much much quicker, and very rough and ready (no formatting niceties required).

This is already a feature of the mac version, so presumably when feature-parity arrives with the next big update, it should also work in winScriv

That would be great, thanks for the reply.