Scrivenings displayed with sub-files?

Hi! This feels like a very newbie question, but…

When I select a couple of files that I want to edit as scrivenings, using command-click (which highlights only the files on which I click), it includes the sub-files of those files in my scrivenings. I’m not new to Scrivener but I honestly don’t remember this behavior from before about two days ago. Did I change a setting? Is this something new that I missed? Or have I somehow just not noticed this before? I’m pretty word-count focused so I’d be surprised if it’s the latter, and I’m not sure how I would have missed it when scrolling through the scrivenings… but I can’t find any setting to change to make this stop. When I select a group of files to view/edit as scrivenings, I don’t want their sub-files—I want only what I explicitly select. Is there any way to make this happen? What am I overlooking? I did read through the Help manual (searched for scrivening) and didn’t find any answer, but maybe I missed it.

After some very brief testing, it appears this only happens if both files that I select have sub-files. If one of the files does not, then it doesn’t include the sub-files of the other. I’m really confused.


Sorry to bother! No ideas about this one? I can try explain it better if it’s not clear what’s happening or what I’m talking about.


(Also, I’m using 2.1 on Lion 10.7.1.)

Whoops, sorry, meant to reply to this earlier and then got sidetracked. I believe the behavior you’re talking about has been around since 2.0, but you might not have noticed earlier if you’ve always included a single document (not a stack) in your Scrivenings selection. If you mix a non-container file into the selection, then only the container document of a group will be displayed, not its subfiles (unless they are specifically selected); if you only select containers, though, then all the subitems appear as well. So you could include a blank text item with your selection to get just the top documents appearing without affecting your word count.

Awesome, thank you!! I guess I just haven’t done that since I’ve upgraded… and maybe it’s because I recently changed my workflow. In my previous one, a chapter and its accompanying notes would be subdocs of a folder. But then I grew lazy about making subfolders, so now notes are subitems of chapters.

The trick about creating a blank doc to include is helpful—I’ll definitely do that.

Thanks so much!