Scrivenings Full Screen Startup Bug[NOTED]

When I start up Scrivener, it has a file selected in Research. BUT, the option selected at the top is Corkboard and what’s in the window is the selceted file. That would appear to be a bug to me right from the start.

At the top, the Scrivenings option appears instead of the single file option.

If I hit Full Screen at this point, I get the Scrivenings from the Draft directory and I get all files, even files that aren’t supposed to be included.

I exit Full Screen and click in the selected research file that’s visible in the edit window. The Scrivenings option at the top changes to Single File and gets selected. Which seems right. When I hit Full Screen at this point, Scrivener fails.

I’m not sure exactly how I got to this state. If I click into the edit window to select the file straight off without going into full screen mode first, everything works fine.

After I get out of that state and exit Scrivener so that it saves me in a different state, I can’t seem to re-create what it was that got me into that state in the first place.