Scrivenings - hiding separate files?

I would like to hide certain files (such as notes and other reference material not in the “research” folder) when working in the “Scrivenings” view. Currently I compile to a word doc to get that “full page” feel.

I suspect there might be an easy way to do this but can’t find it.

Cheers and thanks in advance.

I believe there is an easy way, if you are disabling “Include in Compile” for these note files, then holding down the Option key and clicking on the container you wish to view as Scrivenings will omit any items that are excluded from compilation. There is also a menu command for this, Documents/Open/with Compilable Subdocuments. Option-click also works on Collections headers.

that works great - thanks! it toggles too!

also, is there any way to make the file titles appear as (in-line) headers in the scrivenings view?


Yes - Format > Options > Show Titles in Scrivenings.

All the best,