Scrivenings Mode- CTRL-A, selects some, but not all[NOTED]

I have my novel separated into three Act (Act I, Act II, and Act III) folders. Inside each folder is a set of documents, each representing a chapter.

Here is what I did:

  1. I clicked on the Act I folder.
  2. I clicked on the scrivenings icon.
  3. All of the chapters in the selected Act were displayed on the screen as expected.
  4. I clicked into the scrivenings document view to make sure the focus was on the screen.
  5. Then I clicked CTRL-A, to select all of the text on screen, to modify the formatting on the entire Act at once.

But, and here is the buggy bit, only some of the documents (chapters 1-4) were selected, even though there are 10 chapters in the Act. All 10 Acts were displayed, but not all were not selected with CTRL-A.

I realize that according to the instruction manual, Scrivenings is not supposed to give global control on all of the pages. In that case, I would expect that CTRL-A would either work on only one chapter at a time, the one in which I clicked to give the page focus; or nothing. So the way it’s currently working I suspect is a bug.

I’m using Windows Vista Home on a PC with 3 gigs of memory.

Selection of all Scrivening text is not possible at this stage i.e. selection between combined documents. We will be addressing this issue for release 1.1 as it entails a major architectural and code change to the actual framework that Scrivener is built with.

It is about 2-3 weeks effort alone and will require significant regression testing. It’s the feature I personally miss most and want so you can be assured it will come but not this late in beta testing for the release. It has been well documented in previous posts that this feature will be coming after the first release.