Scrivenings mode for arbitrary documents (bug)

First I just want to say thanks to the people who make this software. It is exactly what I need!!!

But I have an issue.

In Scrivenings mode, if I select an eclectic mix of documents (e.g press ctrl+click to select various documents to view together - as per the instructions of part 11 of the Scrivener tutorial) then it doesn’t display properly. I suspect this is a bug in the Linux version only.

To reproduce just open the tutorial click on a document (say the one named ‘step 7’) click on another document (maybe ‘step 9’) and another (‘step 11’). Then click the scrivenings mode icon (if you want to know what this is, read the 'step 11 document).

Then you should see what I mean.

This aspect of Scrivenings mode is really important to my work, so I’m just checking to see if there’s any solution.


Just realised this is the exact same bug listed on the replies to the beta announcement.

Good to know it’s not just me :wink: