scrivenings mode turns off by itself

Newbie here, my chapters were finished in google docs. Now I am importing them into Scrivener PC vers for compiling. I imported RTF files using “import and split”.
My path looks like this:
Chapter 1
Scene 1
Scene 2

I’m not using the cork board right now since the writing’s done. So I just want to stay in scrivenings mode. But when I click on “Chapter 1” to read the whole chapter, the “scrivenings” button unclicks, so I have to reclick it each time I jump to a chapter. The button stays on when I jump between scenes (or click on “Manuscript”). Is this normal, should I do something a different way?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

I figured out the problem. My first level was a document, I converted it to a folder and now view mode acts normally.