Scrivenings - Moving into folders without editor changing

I like working in the scrivenings mode when I’m sorting texts into folders, but I don’t like the fact that

  1. I can see all from texts from subfolders
  2. When I move a scrivening from one folder into another, the moved file is activated (is what is displayed)

I want to keep the scrivenings view.

Is it possible to disable subfolder scrivenings view?
Can I stay in the scrivenings view when I move a txt file into a subfolder?

That’s what scrivenings is for, so I’m not clear on what you mean.

You can’t move a scrivening. I assume you mean moving a document.

Overall, I can’t picture what you’re trying to do. I don’t look at the editor much when moving documents around, so I don’t see how scrivenings mode comes into it.

Perhaps you could move the file with Move To command accessed by control-clicking the file you want to move?

When dragging files, folders open if you wait too long, that’s why I choose Move To.

The Editor view should only be affected after the move, as you have re-ordered your text.

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First, I gather notes/text into folders where I think the scrivening fits, but sometimes I see that the scrivenings would better fit a subchapter so I create a new subfolder and move them there by selecting the file in the binder and dragging it into the new subfolder.

The problem is that when I drag a file into a subfolder the focus then turns to the text I just moved.

Ideally, I just want to be able to move the files into a subfolder without the focus (of the scrivenings) changing.

You can Lock the editor pane that contains the Scrivenings view, and I am thinking that should keep it from falling out of Scrivenings view when you click around in the Binder.