scrivenings multiple selections

I’m in scrivenings mode. I select some text in one subdocument and then move on to another and do the same. Now I have 2 text selections. Which is active? Can’t tell by looking as the only clue is the insertion point and that may have been scrolled off-screen. The earlier selection should have vanished when I clicked in the second subdoc. Scrivener knows I changed subdocs but it doesn’t take down the earlier selection. Scrivenings is supposed to perform as a single document which means one selection.

An alternative to taking down earlier selections is to change the selection color. Apps like Visual Studio have a secondary selection color which shows up in documents with a selection when you move focus to another doc and make a selection there. This would work well in Scrivener since selections are actually per real document and if you make a bunch of selections while scrivening and switch to single doc view the selection will still be there in the real doc.

I see why scrivening selections work the way they do but I find it confusing to have multiple apparently active selections. I think a color change would help.

Thanks for the feedback. I do see your point here and I’ll get in touch with Keith and Lee about the best way to handle this (with a view toward making it work logically with the future goals for Scrivenings generally, when you will be able to have selections across documents and have them all active). I think the most intuitive may be to use the Ctrl key to make a multiple selection, otherwise having a selection in a new document clear the selection from a previous one–this is how it’s done in the Mac version, and this would be forward-looking to when you could have multiple active selections. For now if you did Ctrl-click to create the multiple selection you’d still only have a single one active (that is, in the active document), but I think it’s less likely this would cause confusion since you’d have to deliberately be creating a multiple selection with the modifier key–a regular selection would cause it to be the only one in the Scrivenings session.

Coupled with that, another feature that will be added is having the editor header update to reflect which section of a session you’re in–currently it just gives the container document title or “Multiple Selection”, but this will change so that you’ll also get the title of the active document, e.g. “Multiple Selection - Scene 1”.

That may be Ok but may be too long.
I was thinking that an icon on the binder item would work well from a usability standpoint.