Scrivenings, Page View, Full Screen

Hi guys. I’m trying to figure out how to get this combination: Scrivenings, full screen AND pageview. I’ve done a search and experimented and can’t figure out how to do it.


This should not be a problem. Full Screen merely expands the normal interface of the software to fill every pixel, and hides the main menu and the dock. So everything you can do in a normal window can be done in Full Screen. If you do not have this mode available, it may be your OS version; this only featured on 10.7 or greater.

If you meant “Composition Mode”, then no, that has no such capability. The whole purpose of composition mode is to strip out all interface and just present you with a direct connection to your text. No frills (it’s a bit like Draft view in Word, except even cleaner than that). So stuff like page view and other interface components are deliberately removed. You might prefer the more standard OS Full Screen approach if this is too minimalistic.