Scrivenings - per document word limit?

I just started a scrivenings session of 4 documents that are each around 8K - 11K words.

As I was scrolling down, I noticed that at certain points in each document the text would just stop. There would be text, and then suddenly blank for a ways until the next document started. And then that one would display correctly until I scrolled to a certain point and then it too would appear blank for a ways until the next document started.

I highlighted the visible portion of each document and right-clicked to get the word count. They weren’t identical, but each doc was being truncated in the 7.2k to 7.6k word range (37k - 39k characters).

The full text is still there if I switch back to a regular single document view, scrivenings mode is just refusing to display it past a certain point.

Possibly related(?):

Edit: And now it’s not doing it any more :facepalm: This computer’s getting old and is kinda light on RAM, it’s possible that I was just scrolling too fast and the text hadn’t had time to load or something.

In testing, that behaviour persisted even between closing and reopening the project. Meanwhile I’ve since scrolled through each document individually, and now in scrivenings the entire text is displaying as expected.

This is a bug/limitation with the way Scrivenings works right now that could cause it. There are various outside factors that will affect it, so no, you won’t see it all the time, but it happens more often with larger and longer Scrivenings sessions. The higher the editor zoom, the more it will occur.

The load time is also a possible factor here–you might sometimes see a loading bar in the upper right of a document as the text loads, and it’s not always all visible immediately. I haven’t seen this in a long time, as there were improvements in an update a while ago, but again if it’s a large session and your computer’s already churning with something else, I can imagine it happening. Sometimes just dragging the scroller down against the bottom would force text to appear if it had gotten stuck, so you could try that.

Good to know, thanks.

I rarely use scrivenings mode, I was just trying it because of this thread: and I thought “hmm, that’s not right…” :slight_smile: