Scrivenings toggle not working. (unable to switch between group and single file)

The Scrivenings toggle (between group and single file) on the main toolbar is not working.
“Files” are always displayed as single file, even if the “file” in question has sub-files.
“Folders” are always displayed in group mode, and unable to change to single mode.

This could be problematic when “Folders” contain a large number of sub-folders or files. It also means that if a file has sub-files, you’re unable to see the flow between sections.

Is this a toolbar error specifically, or does the menu command also not work? Keep in mind that Scrivenings, like Corkboard, is supposed to toggle on and off for eligible views. It won’t actually do so for single files as there is no logical outcome, but for folders and file groups, it should be switching between single document and Scrivenings view every time you click the button, use the menu command or its shortcut.

The Scrivenings toggle works for me.

For test #1, I opened a fresh copy of the Tutorial, and selected the Draft Folder.
The Editor opened in Corkboard mode, displaying the 3x top level folders.
I clicked on the Scrivenings toggle. The Editor view shifted to Scrivenings mode, displaying the contents of all the binder items under Draft.
Clicking on the Scrivenings toggle again shifted the Editor view to only the contents of Draft, which happened to be empty.

For test #2, I selected binder item Main Interface.
The Editor shifted to single document mode, displaying the contents of Main Interface.
Clicking on the Scrivenings toggle again shifted the Editor view to Scrivenings mode, which displayed the contents of Main Interface and all its children.

Sharing these results as a data point.


It seems to be working now. I don’t know what happened.