Scrivenings View "Multiple Selection"


please excuse me if this has been covered many times, but somehow I seem to be unable to grasp the way scrivenings work at the moment.

I thought that the scrivenings combined in scrivenings view are always only the ones selected. So if I selected a number of non-consecutive documents, they will be displayed as one. For example


If I selected (Control Click) A., B., B.1.1.,B.3., I would get an editor display exactly those four documents.
Instead, what I get is always all of them, even if they are not all selected in the binder (or at least up to the last selected ones and all of the documents that are in its container).

Is this the way this mode is supposed to work? Is there a way to get the behaviour I am looking for? Or is this a bug?


While writing this I noticed that the behaviour is actually a little different. If I select a document like B.3.1. as the last one (that is: one that is not on the same level as e.g. A. or B.1., then I suddenly get only the selected ones. But if the last one is on the same level as A. or B.1., then all the documents are displayed. That is: if I don’t select a really non-consecutive document (from a different level), folders or documents acting as folders are always displayed completely.

If you select multiple containers or folders, their contents will be displayed too (just as when you select multiple folders or containers in the corkboard or outliner view, you see the contents of the selected folders). If you select only non-container files, or a mix of containers and non-containers, then you see only the text of the selected documents.

Hope that makes sense!

All the best,

Thanks! Generally I think it would make more sense to always show only the selected documents, but that of course would be insconsistent with the other views and would take away the possibility to just select a folder to get all the documents inside into the scrivenings view. So with my discovery that you just need a random non-consecutive one at the end of the selection there is a good workaround.

I was just about to ask this question! Forum working at its best! Thanks.