scrivenings when binder is hidden?

I’m running a lean “no tool bar, no binder” look, and have been trying to find a combination of key strokes that will let me perform a multiple document selection (primarily for the occasional viewing of adjacent documents simultaneously - aka ‘scrivenings’).

Is there such a mechanism?


Well if all you need to do is occasionally glance back or forward at the context, then Opt-Cmd-UpArrow and DownArrow is probably good enough. Those will just select the prior or next item in the list (regardless of depth). Ctrl-Cmd-R is another one that can be handy. That basically goes up one level of hierarchy using the current view mode. So if you are using Scrivenings, it would load the whole section of which the current item comes from. That might be more than you want, so you could temporary switch to corkboard or something to select to items and then Cmd-Opt-O to isolate them and then switch back to Scrivenings.

I usually like to just load entire sections in Scrivenings though—often for this reason. I’m usually intending to work on a section and I break things down far enough that a section is often comprised of multiple pieces. Opt-Cmd-UpArrow will jump from one section to the next in a Scrivenings session, without dismissing it, too, so that’s handy.

You could also try split screen:

cmd-opt-; to bring up the split screen with the cursor in the bottom editor,
cmd-opt-up and down to find the document you want to see
cmd-opt-ctl-R to get back to the top editor

cmd-’ to close the split when you’re done.

Quicker to do than to type…