Scrivenings without subdocuments?

I love Scrivener, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to use Scrivenings without including all of the subdocuments of the documents I selct. My project has the compilable documents as parents with notes as their children, and whenever I use Scrivenings, I get all of the note-documents interleaved with the actual text of my project (even when the note-documents are not selected in the binder). Any help on just having the parent documents in Scrivenings would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Perhaps I misunderstand you - but have you tried command-clicking on the individual documents you want to scrivenise, regardless of the level of each in the Binder?

Yes, thanks, I have tried command-clicking. The subdocuments aren’t highlighted in the binder, but they end up in the Scrivenings.

Are the note documents set to “Include in Compile”. If not - or if you deselect this for any note documents - then you can Opt-click on a folder to load only the subdocuments that are set to be included.

If you just want to look at the text of a single folder (rather than multiple), you can just turn off scrivenings mode entirely (turning off corkboard, scrivenings and outliner in group mode - so that none is selected - shows you the text of only the folder).

One of the above should do what you wish.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks for the quick response! Opt-clicking on the Draft folder does what I want, but it would be nice if I could select multiple folders without their children for Scrivenings. (Everything else about Scrivener is so perfect that I was surprised not to find the option somewhere.)

Heh, I was surprised this didn’t work myself, and added it to my list immediately after replying to you. :slight_smile: