Scriverner 023 hang and other woes

Hi all,
Posted a Scrivener crash yesterday, probably in the wrong forum (Lee’s update 023). Today a freeze and some other weird behaviour.

The freeze occurred after a copy and paste style to convert some bolded large font down to something normal. Then hit enter and tried to paste in a URL, and it froze.
Restarted normally but had to use Task Manager to close it first. On reopening, the previously selected text had reduced font but retained bold, even though the style selected for conversion did not. The URL then pasted properly, but was also bolded.

Was checking around Scrivener docs afterwards and noticed on two docs which had been imported from Word, a small progress meter with a green indicator line, in the top right corner flickering like mad, and not progressing but showing an also flickering percentage next to it. In one it changed % in the other it was stuck on 64%. These docs were successfully imported two updates ago, so I have no idea what is going on there. Checked all other docs and no similar problem even though some of them were also imported from Word.

I experienced this the other day too after a cut and paste. I have added it to the bug register.

Any chance of getting hold of the text you cut and pasted?

There is an exe file in the Scrivener directory called: ClipboardCapture.exe
If you copy something to the clipboard, then run this program, a blank screen will display, simply press CTRL+V to paste the contents of the clipboard onto the blank window of the ClipboardCapture.exe.

You will prompted to select a folder. Do so. A series of documents will be created depending on the contents of the clipboard in the folder you selected.

These data files can help me isolate and fix bugs faster. If you can zip these files up and send them to me, that would be really helpful.


Done. Thanks Lee. :smiley: