Scriverner Does Not Load Most Recent Version of Document

Am using Catalina and V3.2.2 of Scriverner.

After saving the document I am writing for the last time and shutting down my Mac, I leave Scrievener (and Storyplanner and Aeon Timeline 2) open. When I later turn the Mac back on, Scrivener loads the document that is listed at the top of the dropdown menu (File/RecentProjects) instead of the most recent file. If I forget to look and see this, I do new work on an older version, which is not good. Bug?

You can clear the Recent Projects menu, and doing so might be a good idea if it is linking to older versions of the project.

To keep Scrivener from automatically opening projects, hold the Shift key when the program starts.

To be sure you know what version of a project you’re working with, open it directly from Finder. Also, if you save multiple versions, be sure to give them unique names to minimize confusion. Project24Jan21 is probably better than ProjectVer1 or something like that.