Scriviner icon not appearing in my menu

I run Mint LXDE and Scriviner loaded up well first time. Only thing I have noticed is that the Scriviner icon is missing from my menu. I have Scriviner saved in Applications/Office. The icon is missing but the title is there.

Sorrry–I don’t know what I did differently with the last few packages I built, but I, too, have been having to add the icon manually.

I’m using Gnome 3 in Mint12 and have made some changes that may work for you.

Take a look at:


Here’s mine:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/Scrivener %U

You will need to add the ‘Icon’ line and that filename must exist in /usr/share/icons. I found a higher resolution icon to use, the one provided is quite small and looks fuzzy in Gnome Shell.

Also note adding %U to the ‘Exec’ line allows me to associate Scrivener with project.scrivx files in Nautilus.

Thanks, man. I’ve been swamped, but I’ll look at that tonight.