Scriviner started my book

As many books are, mine was conceived as an amalgamation of loosely-defined ideas almost 10 years ago.

And it stayed that way for nearly 9 years.

Sure, I typed up a few concepts over that time, toying with the general premise, bookmarking some research materials.

But it wasn’t until I sat down with Scrivener that I started to write a book.

Scriviner made it fun (possible?) to organize my arguments, structure and develop them, because it works in the way I, and most writers do: fluidly. It doesn’t dictate how I create: it gets out of the way.

Without Scriviner, I wouldn’t have finished two chapters and be deep into the throes of the third. I wouldn’t be seeing the possibility of completing one of my primary life goals.

So I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that, while I started the idea, Scriviner started the book.

Thanks, L&L.

Hi tmanasa,

Thank you very much for your kind post! It’s great to hear that Scrivener helped in some small way get you started on working out the ideas you’d had for years.

Good luck with the third chapter and onwards!

All the best,