ScrivNaNo vs Mail vs iDisk

Love the new-look Scrivener, and love working with it, but something wicked is happening between S2 and Mail and Apple

I set up S2 preferences to backup automatically to iDisk, but it will only do it that one time. After that time, S2 tells me the location doesn’t exist, and closes the file. When I tried to call up preferences again (the other times, this worked, but not the last time), S2 crashed. I couldn’t send the crash report because simultaneously my outgoing mail file corrupted and nothing could go through.

I was at the library and really didn’t feel like dealing with it… Maybe the Mail thing was an anomaly.

But I can at least say the automatic backups on closing, which seemed such a good idea, don’t work with iDisk.

Just thought you’d like to know… I’ll not sweat this; I didn’t back up that often before, anyway.

I haven’t had chance to try this with iDisk, unfortunately. Could it be that the actual iDisk location changes somehow? I don’t have an iDisk account to test with at the moment, I’ll check with Ioa to see if he does.