Scrivner iOS vs. iMac via Dropbox - missing content

I created a .scriv file via Scrivener on the iMac.
I put it into Dropbox under “Novels” as instructed by iOS Scrivener.
I worked on it via iOS Scrivener on the iPad. Content created on the iMac appeared. I added some via the iPad.
So far, so good.

On the iMac, I bring up the Dropbox folder, double-click on the .scriv file.
I get the message: Update Project? The project you are trying to load uses an older file format and cannot be opened. (see attached).

If I click Update Project, then bring up the file on the iMac Scrivener, it is missing half its content. I would guess maybe the half that was done on the iPad. I was hoping I could work on this file from either iMac or iPad.

Please advise. I have iMac Scrivener and iOS Scrivener 1.1.1 (964).
Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.53.01 AM.png

It sounds as if you have an older version of the same project, created by an older version of Scrivener and that is the one you are trying to open on the iMac.
Make a search in Finder for the project name, making sure that there aren’t two versions in different places.

A side note: the default folder in Dropbox for iOS Scrivener is not “Novels”. It’s apps/scrivener

Thanks lunk, for reminding me that the file was really in apps/scrivener, not in Novels.

Yes, that was the issue, now I feel quite dumb. I had an older version in “Novels”. I completely forgot about that, but when I opened Dropbox on iMac and that folder presented itself, it seemed logical.

I had forgotten that I later did the default folder as you describe.


Thanks for saving me from myself.

When one is eager to write one sometimes is to fast for oneself.
Glad it worked out. :smiley: