Scrivner IOS

S&M ? :confused: :blush: … ex-8212078

Actually, Vic, Foucault wrote a compendium of the history of sexuality; three volumes; you might get a kick seeing your last post.

Haven’t read it myself but I hear it’s better than what I’m reading of his right now

So you need some discipline to get it done or else you’ll have to discipline yourself. :wink:
A of info out there, yosi baby! Quite fancy the Chomsky debate … I think :confused:
With Christina Hendricks. Relax young-n … snot her from MadMen!
Now get back t’ work.
Vic De Sade x x x

Thanks mate, this convo is no longer a waste of timeo!

“Okay, what is this discussion supposed to be about as the originator stated that he was being satirical (comical, maybe)? Nothing? Wonderful. I just wasted a part of my life reading all this.”

Oooh a writer objecting to an excuse for procrastination. Who’d a thunk it? :smiley: