Scrivner MacOS Version 3.2.3

I am looking for some advice on Scrivner’s text-to-speech option. It used to link to my Macbook’s accessibility as far as the voicing option however when I changed I tried changing it to a female Siri voice it screwed up and speaks only in a robotic male voice. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, messed with the accessibility options on my Mac, and quit the program and it still doesn’t change.

Has anyone experienced and resolved this? I am writing a novel and constantly listen back to what I wrote and this robotic male is ruining it. :frowning:

Male robots ruin everything!

First thing I would do is 1) reboot my computer, then if that doesn’t sort it, 2) go to Apple > System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech. There, choose Customize off the System Voice pop-up menu and make sure the voice you want is checkmarked there. While there, uncheck all the “novelty” voices listed there — which will include your unwelcome robot (if you are literally hearing the robot voice and not just a sadly stilted voice). Having done that, of course, you should reaffirm your voice choice on the pop-up menu whose list we just customized. It should not be necessary, but for good measure be sure to quit out of Scriv and launch again after you make the change.

(The steps I’ve given here reflect my MacOS and may differ if you have a diff OS version.)