Scrivner My Brother!!!!!!

Scrivner!!! I gotz myself a nice little skirting 50,000 word story. Once I had enough of it cleaned up, I went to compile it, and it would not compile, Said “There was no content to compile in the file, make sure the cursor is on text”, or something like that. Any suggestions? (UNDONE TO THE DEVIL!)

No file was generated as the compiled document was empty. Check that you have selected at least one document from the “contents” pane that contains text, also check that you have valid items selected in the “Formatting Pane” This is exactly the error message presented to me when for over two years never has such an error message appeared. ANyone :frowning: :question:

Are you sure your material is in the Draft folder (or equivalent if you renamed it?)

Another thing to check is that your compile settings are pointing to the Draft folder (or whatever you’ve renamed it to).

File > Compile > Expansion Arrow (if necessary to show expanded options) > in the Contents pane, ensure that Compile Group is pointing to your Draft folder.

If you haven’t done much Scrivener compiling, I suggest you save yourself a bit of frustration and, at the very least, go through the Interactive Tutorial Step 16: Compiling the Draft. Better yet, also read the Compile chapter in the manual.