Scrivomatic on tables and figures: cross-referencing and a list of figures

I followed these great instructions on sequential numbering, allthough with a problem, but I need to take the next step to get these figure

a) to be recognized by Word, so I can generate list of figures and of tables there quickly.

b) have the scrivomatic-process understand my placeholders for figures and tables in such a way that

  • list of figures and tables are included
  • a special feature: all mentions of them are cross-referenced / linked to the label

I use the workflow of nontroppo and I tried his crossref workflow he has put online only partially as it creates the cross-reference but not the list of figures. (even though in the metadata there is “lof: true”. However, I have no idea, where to make such a connection between labeling of a figure and referencing the figure with a link to it in my own project.

  • I installed pandoc-crossref
  • I called in the metadata for the given template defined in the pandocomatic.yaml

I don’t personally use pandoc-crossref, but use Scrivener’s numbering placeholders for almost all my needs so the data is “baked in” before Pandoc gets hold of it. I have not therefore heavily tested or kept my crossref example up-to-date.

My general way to test stuff is to break it down to the simplest test command than can reproduce the problem. If you try to generate a minimal markdown document and use Pandoc with explicit options, can you get what you want? Pandocomatic is just a convenience tool. See what you can do with crossref: … s/ … mo/

From the file it seems that lists of figures are supported using LaTeX commands \listoffigures, and the question is whether DOCX output is also supported? Read through the meta-data options. In general, DOCX is much less flexible than other output formats, including LaTeX (lof is for LaTeX: docs) and HTML. If so then it will probably require some manual modification in Word… Another cross-referencing filter is trying to support DOCX native conversion, but it is still a work-in-progress: … ocx-output

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