.scrivtemplate not opening

I’m interested in the templates offered through this forum here:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … hp?t=40422

They download, but I cannot open them. Is my operating system or Scrivener version not compatible? Is there a work around?

Me: macOS Mojave; Scrivener 3.1.1

I recently had to wipe out my hard drive, so I no longer have Scrivener 2 available to me, if that is the issue.

Hi Bede,

You don’t “open” templates, you use them to create new projects.

Go File > New Project. You’ll see the Project Templates window.

Select Options in the lower left. Choose Import Templates, and import your downloaded templates into Scrivener.

Back at the Project Templates window, you should now see the new templates. Select one to create a new project based on that template. Have a look inside the new project to see how the template works. After playing around with it, if you don’t want to keep the new project, delete it.

See section 5.4 Project Templates and section 5.1.1 Creating a New Project in the manual for more details.


Thanks! That worked.