Scrivx extension

Hello, I’m hoping for some help. I have an old project from 2017 with the scrivx extension that I am trying to open. I saved it in Dropbox and downloaded it. When I open up Scrivener and go to File > Open then choosing the file I just downloaded, it opened with all my chapters, but the text is gone. Is there a way that I can still open this file with my novel still in it?

I looked through some old threads and did a few things including double-clicking on the file and choosing Scrivener to open it. Didn’t work. Then I opened up a new project and tried to click and drag the file over but that didn’t work either.

Any ideas?

When you say 2017, that means your project was done with Scrivener V1.9, correct? And you are still running Scrivener V1.9, correct?

What comes to mind first is: Has your project been saved as a zip file? Did you unzip it before double-clicking on the .scrivx file?

This may be your challenge. Your .scrivx file would have been originally located inside a folder with .scriv extension. So file MyProject.scrivx inside folder MyProject.scriv.

File MyProject.scrivx is essentially your binder, but only your binder. No writing. Just document & folder names, something like a TOC.

Folder MyProject.scriv is your entire project. All your writing, notes, etc. This folder is what needs to be saved to DropBox.

If you only copied the .scrivx file to DropBox, you’d experience the symptoms you describe.

Folder MyProject.scriv and all its contents (including .scrivx) needs to be copied intact to DropBox.


And also from Dropbox to the local system. The easiest way to do this is to install the Dropbox software on both the source and destination systems.