.scrivx file disappeared?

Hi all,

My computer shut down overnight due to come computer troubles. When I got it up and running again the next day, I put a high priority on moving all my work to a thumb drive, in case it crashed again. But, I can no longer access one of my Scrivener files- Scrivener just tells me that it can’t find the project. When I manually go to the folder, the .scrivx file is no longer there.

Oh, thank you Scrivener! I have figured it out.

I found a webpage which said that Scrivener had auto-backups as .zip files, but their description of how to access them (i.e. use “open backup folder” under the “file” menu) did not correspond to my version of Scrivener.

I then searched using the “Everything” program (I am on a PC) to look for .scriv files, in an attempt to find Scrivener’s auto-backups. But, that turned up nothing, because .scriv is not in the file name.

I then searched for “scrivener” and found the backups, and it looks like I am in the clear.

This had really freaked me out, because I rely on Scrivener now because Word had once deleted three days’ work due to bad error-handling. Word hit a snag and told me that it could not save the file. I figured that that was ok, because I save every fifteen minutes anyway. I wasn’t prepared for Word to handle the situation by dumping the current version of the file in memory, AND deleting the old copy on my hard drive.

Phew! This is one of the big reasons why I use Scrivener.

Hi CoffeeCat,

Sounds like you dodged a bullet!

Are you in the practice of leaving Scrivener up for days at a time? If so, better change that habit, as I believe Scrivener default is to backup at shutdown.

To prevent this stress from happening again, you should read this post about backups:


Educate yourself how Scrivener backups work, so that you don’t have to wonder what to do and where to look the next time disaster strikes.

Hope that helps,

Thanks, will do. Although I think I have a handle on it now- I have Scrivener set up to automatically backup quite frequently, so I was able to get back absolutely all of the work I had done, which suggests I must be doing something right!