.scrivx files/High Sierra update

I just upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra. I now have a bunch of new files with the suffix .scrivx

They were all created the day of the upgrade. They’re very small (eg 70 kb). I’ve never see .scrivx before.

They have the same file name as some of my scrivener files. Not every scrivener file has a companion .scrivx file.

What are they for? Do I need to keep them?

Where are you seeing the .scrivx files - in a Spotlight search, perhaps? .scrivx files are - and always have been - a core component of every Scrivener project. A .scriv file is really just a folder full of files, and the .scrivx inside it contains all of the binder data for your project. If you were to delete the .scrivx file from a project, the project would no longer open in Scrivener and you would never be able to get the binder structure back.

Usually you don’t see .scrivx files because macOS treats .scriv folders as packages and so hides the files inside them. I’m guessing that Spotlight hasn’t indexed properly yet and so is showing them in a search.

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Not in Spotlight, but in the folders on the desktop where I keep my Scrivener projects. So right next to the file I am working with. If every Scrivener file has one, it’s weird that only some of them are showing.

just checked, they’re not turning up in Spotlight.

Every Scrivener file does have one (I should know :wink: ), but they are inside the .scriv package, not outside it, so that’s very strange. Is the folder synced by any external service? Could you post a screenshot?


Are you using the All Files display in Finder? That view is potentially very confusing because it will show the contents of the Scrivener package, which usually remains hidden.


All the files are being accessed from Finder on the desktop (so not via All Files afaik).

scrivener scrivx files.png

Have iCloud Drive Desktop & Documents and/or Optimize Mac Storage been enabled? They can be enabled by the OS during the OS update/upgrade process without you directly choosing them to be.They’re located at: System Preferences > iCloud > next to iCloud Drive, Options.

Apple reference: support.apple.com/en-us/HT206985

I don’t use iCloud (and System Preferences needs me to login with my Apple ID to access, which I haven’t done).

Any thoughts on this?

Could you possibly show a wider screenshot, showing more of the Finder (by all means blur out your user name). It’s very difficult to see what is going on here. There is nothing in Scrivener that would move the .scrivx file outside of the .scriv folder, so it’s a matter of determining whether the .scrivx file really is outside (which can only have been triggered by something on your machine, such as syncing perhaps), or it’s just being displayed that way for some reason. Does your project open okay? I really don’t want to advise you to delete the .scrivx files since if this is just something going on with your display, you could mess up your projects.

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