Scroll-able notes

At the risk of asking a dumb question (as I tend to do) is there away to create a Scapple note with a lot of text, but a fixed size and having a scroll button on the right to see the rest. Like you can do on the Freeform Scrivener Corkboard. But on Scapple you could have different size shapes and, when you like, size some down so you only see part of the idea.

Why do I ask? 'Cause I tend to use the automatic synopsis feature in Scrivener. And when I dragged a bunch of docs over to Scapple I realized that each one would include the entire symposis. I’d love to have it all there for reference when I can’t remember what that little section was about. But the rest of the time I’d like to just be moving smaller shapes around.

Does that make sense? Is it impossible? Are there other whiteboard programs more designed for that

Thanks. Great program—been using it since Beta and it’s gotten me out of many a structural block.


There isn’t a way of doing that, and it would go against the premise of being a freeform text editor to hide any text that is typed into the text editor—so I doubt that will be something added to the software.

I’m not sure if there are any whiteboard or mindmapping programs that feature something like Scrivener’s corkboard, with fixed sized objects that truncate the text if necessary. It is the design of most of these types of programs to display all text at the surface level. Some will have “notes” that completely hide text until you click on it, and then you can have a hundred words or so without changing the shape of the item. That’s the closest I can think of.

Thanks Amber. Makes sense. I’ll just write nice short synopses like you’re supposed to!