Scroll animation for comments


I thought of this when reading the tutorial (great tutorial btw) on comments & footnotes when you mentioned using comments in the inspector for navigation. I think it would better if there was a scrolling animation when a comment in the inspector was selected instead of simply snapping directly to the selected comment. In a text chunk bigger than one screen length it can be a little disorientating just to snap straight to it (especially if you haven’t written the document yourself). A scroll effect shows you where you have come from and where you have gone in the document.

If there’s already an option around this in Preferences I apologise. I’ve had a quick look but haven’t been able to find it yet.

Cheers :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words, and for the suggestion. The trouble with scroll animations is that they take time - if you have a 30,000-word chunk of text, it could get quite laborious to have it scroll to the comment placement; you’d spend too much time waiting for it to scroll. And if the scroll was super-fast, it would have no advantage. I think most users are accustomed to jumping somewhere without a scroll anyway, as this is how links and anchors work in browsers, too, for instance.

Thanks and all the best,

Can you just look at the scrollbar for an indication of where you are vs. where you came from, since the scroller does move (not in animation, it jumps, but you can see obviously if you’re lower or higher, and get a good estimate of the size of the document that way)?