scroll bar issues[ADDITIONAL INFO]

I am using the short story template and viewing text in the editor screen from an imported document which I’ve cut up into scenes. The last two lines of text are not visible in this mode, even if I scroll down all the way. The font is double spaced. If I close the inspector, I lose another two lines from the end of the text. In full screen mode I can read to the end. The issue seems to be specific to that project, because it doesn’t exist in the tutorial.

Also, the little grey doovy in the scroll bar immediately to the right of the text screen (the one you can click and drag to make the text move up and down) disappears off the bottom of the screen before I get to the bottom of the text, so I can only get down there by using the mouse wheel or the down arrow on the key pad.

Hope this all makes sense. Great program, btw :slight_smile:


I would say that this is related to posts about de window size.

Depending on the size of your screen, a part of Sivener seems to bee hidden behind Windows taks bar.

This might be why you cannot see the bottom of your text.

Above a certain screen size, this does not happen.

Hi Obscura, what is the screen resolution you are using?

Hi, that could very well be the issue as I am using a netbook, so the screen is pretty small - though I did mess around with the windows task bar to no avail. Resolution is 1024 x 600.