Scroll bar space

I use Scrivener without “Use fixed width editor”.

There is a space between the scroll bar and the edge of the screen. This space is annoying, because it means you have to be very careful to select the scroll.

Scroll bar space.gif

When I see similar “bugs” being posted, I feel like Scrivener is ready for an official release. :slight_smile:

With all my respect, I do not feel like this is a bug. You will have the same problem if you have Scrivener running in windowed(not full screen) mode.

Yes. It is not a bug. But it will bug a lot of people over 50 or 60 years old. This whole movement of making scrollbars that are hard to see and move is a pain for older users. One of the things I always do when setting up a computer for anyone over 50 is to turn off the “feature” in Windows 10 that “Autohides” the scrollbar. Clients are very appreciative.

Here’s a vote for fatter scrollbars in a future release. But, you are right. If this was a major complaint, you’d be ready for full release.

Not happening here. I run Scrivener full screen. I run my cursor to the edge of the screen on the right, click, and the scrollbar moves. I run a 1920x1080 monitor, without the high-DPI setting on. The high-dpi setting might or might not affect how Scrivener fits into the monitor (it doesn’t change it for me, but your mileage may vary).

I don’t run it full screen, but maximized windowed.

This isn’t as much a bug as it was feedback. I didn’t post it in the bug section. This seemed like the appropriate place.
It’s annoying because it slows down workflow and disrupts concentration.