Scroll bars, pane width, and the mouse pointer.

Sometimes my mouse shows that it is adjusting a scroll bar height, but when clicked and dragged it adjusts pane width.

In detail–
Observed behavior: With the mouse over a scroll bar and within ~4 pixels of a pane divider, the visual feedback is proper for a scroll bar hover-over but a click-and-drag adjusts pane width.

Expected behavior: When moving the mouse over a pane divider, the pointer shows the two vertical lines with horizontal arrows, and a click-and-drag will adjust that pane’s width. When moving the mouse over a scroll bar, the pointer shows the standard mouse icon and the scroll bar darkens to an intermediate grey; a click-and-drag will darken the scroll bar and will adjust the position of the content in that pane.

This is using Scrivener (trial) and Windows 8 with a standard pointer scheme.

(Under suspicion that this is caused by the framework, I went to the Qt issue tracker and looked through the first fifty hits… and found that I have no idea what the gizmos are called and so I can’t do a worthwhile search. I’d be happy to file a report with them if someone could point me to another Qt application I could test with and also point me to a reference for their GUI terminology.)

I’m new to Scrivener–great program, very glad I found it, and my many thanks to all the developers–meaning that my inexperience with the software or ineptitude in searching previously reported issues could be to blame. :slight_smile: Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong, missed an existing report, or could help with testing, feedback, or in any other way.


Thanks for the report, Jon, and for giving Scrivener a try! In a quick test (on Win7) I wasn’t able to reproduce this, so I wanted to check where you’re most often seeing this? I was working with a vertical editor split and trying on the scrollbar between the editors as well as between the editor and the inspector (which have slightly different buffer widths). While the drag buffer for the splitter extends into the scrollbar area on the editor by the inspector, the correct cursor shows for me. It may be a difference in the Windows versions or something that isn’t consistent but I’d like to make sure I’m testing in about the same area you are to get the best chance at reproducing this.

I have this problem as well, and it’s a big time waster, as it happens regularly. The cursor stays pictured as an arrow, the arrow is on my scrollbar, and yet, when I click to scroll, it does not scroll, but rather adjusts the size of the editor window.

Version: - 06 Oct 2015
Windows 10