scroll bug when turning on typewriter scrolling

Hello. Thanks for your development of scrivener. :smiley:

But I found a new bug in 2.4.1 version.
That’s a scroll bug when turning on typewriter scrolling at the beginning of document in Lion fullscreen mode.
Please see following youtube movie.

How to representation ;

  1. turn on Format>Options>Typewriter scrolling mode
  2. Start writing a document. Not exceed 1 page.
  3. enter Lion fullscreen mode
  4. Typing. Then document windows will be scroll up and down rapidly.
  5. there is no problem in normal window status, or composition mode(Command+option+F). Also, If document amount was exceed 1 page(over document size), this symptom will be gone.

This issue isn’t critical. But some annoying bug. Please check and resolve this issue. Thanks! :smiley: