Scroll on Spacebar Bug (v 3.2.1 [14482])

I am on MacOS Catalina and when using Scrivener v 3.2.1 (14482) I am seeing a bug where the page will scroll a number of lines down when pressing the spacebar to insert a space into the text. If I am editing the first sentence in a document, this will scroll the page down so the cursor is now hidden behind the menu, requiring me to scroll up to see what I am typing only to occur again when pressing spacebar after each word I write.

I’ve found saving sometimes (rarely) helps temporarily disable the bug. I have also found putting 20+ line breaks at the end of the document also sometimes helps, but again rarely and comes back within a few more lines written.

I’ve tried different zoom levels and it happens on all zoom values. I’ve tried nudging both the sidebars to different widths and it still happens. I’ve tried switching in and out of typewriter mode with no change once I disable typewriter mode. I’ve restarted my computer, restarted Scrivener, made sure the app is up to date, etc. Nothing I’ve tried seems to help.

This is a very difficult bug to ignore as it happens on every single press of the spacebar. Any remedy for this would save my sanity.

I have uploaded a video of the bug in action to see it happening:

Follow up: I’ve just found that if I go to View → Text Editing → Hide Ruler, it prevents this bug from happening. I can definitely live without the ruler for now if it disables this bug :slight_smile: