Scroll position behavior when changing files

Is there a way to preserve the scrollbar position when changing files? For example, if I scroll halfway down in File A, switch to edit File B, then switch back to File A, I would like File A to automatically be scrolled to the last scrollbar position. Currently every file scrolls to the top by default. I took a look through the settings, but maybe I missed something obvious.

If it’s helpful, I’m on a Mac running version 3.2.2.

Thanks for the help! Happy writing!


How are you re-selecting File A? If you use the Back button above the Editor pane, you should get the results you want.

That’s helpful, but ideally I’d like it to remain consistent no matter how I select the file. I’m the early stages of a project I often reference a handful of files regularly, so having a persistent scroll value for each file would be so handy.

If you select the file in the Binder, the issue is that you then change the focus to the Binder. If you bring it back by clicking in the Editor, then the cursor will land wherever you clicked. Use the Navigate → Move Focus To → Editor command instead.

For files that you refer to regularly, be sure to check out the Project Bookmarks functionality, (Section 10.3 in the manual.) It offers all sorts of useful tricks.