Scroll problem when editing Scriverings in Full Screen

I searched the forum but this didn’t pop up:

When editing Scrivenings in full screen, I often pop back to the main window, then back to full screen. Whenever I do this, and then place my cursor in the text that is on screen, or even highlight a section of it (this text is somewhere in the middle of the Scrivening, not the beginning) and then use the scroll button on my Apple wireless Mighty Mouse to scroll, the document always pops to the head of the Scrivening. The scroll function seems to loose track of where the cursor is resting.

I can then arrow down one line, and it gets me back to my original position. But when I use the scroll button again on the mouse the same thing happens. Once I’ve been unceremoniously dumped at the top, I can manually scroll down the Scrivening to get back to my original position (not always easy to find) and them I’m OK, until I again make the return trip to the main window.

I think this behavior also occurs at times even when I haven’t just switched from the main window to Full Screen, but am less sure what sets off this odd behavior.

… just discovered that this only happens when the scroll selection in the Full Screen preference panel is on “No Scrolling.”

So, it was easy enough for me to change the selection to “Auto-Hiding” to make me happy, although it’s confusing to first stumble on this.