Scroll-to position is incorrect/at bottom of screen.

To see the problem, make Scrivener take full height of your screen and make 3 documents that are longer than the screen height inside FOLDER, then “Lock in Place” FOLDER to mimic Word’s outline view.

Now click on DOC 2 and the locked editor will scroll to it.

However, the beginning of DOC 2 will only be brought to the very bottom of the screen, rather than the top.

Now click DOC 3 and the same thing will happen, DOC 3 being at the very bottom. But when you click again on DOC 2, it’s brought into proper view with the beginning at the top of the screen.

A second problem is when one of the DOCS is shorter than screen height and already in view: Say you have DOC 4 and DOC 5 which are both shorter than screen height, and DOC 6 which is long enough to allow scrolling. If you click on DOC 4 or 5 while they’re in view, nothing happens, they aren’t brought to the top, even though there’s enough room from DOC 6 to allow it.

As a side note, it’d be nice if there was some sort of “scroll past” ability added in the future.