Scroll typewriter mode with insertion point

There is a property of typewriter mode that has become increasingly distracting to me. A real typewriter is scrolled by moving the platen so that the part of the page you want to type on is centered in the place where new characters will land. That is, before the key is struck, the place you want to edit is centered.

In Scrivener’s typewriter mode, re-centering doesn’t take place until a key is struck to change the text, often causing the screen to jerk suddenly several lines up or down. That is, if you click with the mouse to mark a line (while you are looking at it), the screen doesn’t scroll. But when you make a change (and are possibly looking elsewhere), it jerks to the selected location.

I often lose my place on the page when this happens and it sometimes takes me several seconds to find it again.

I suggest that when typewriter scrolling is enabled, the line containing the insertion point be moved around as the insertion point changes, whether or not the text is changed. That is, clicking on the top line of the current screen will cause that line to be scrolled to the typewriter scrolling “center” line.

I would also suggest that the speed of multi-line re-centering be slowed to a speed that can be followed visually, instead of jerking there all at once.

Thanks very much.

Greg Shenaut

Why not just turn off typewriter mode and scroll to the spot you want? In my own experience, typewriter mode is great when creating new text in bulk, but a real pain in the neck when editing.


I’d actually second this request. I use typewriter mode almost exclusively for both writing and editing, and have had this same thought for over a year.