Scrolling and then holding ctrl will lead to zooming

At least with a touchpad, scrolling continues for a bit after you have performed the swipe gesture and lifted your fingers off the touchpad. However, pressing ctrl (and presumably other keys) during this time will still act as if you were still actively scrolling.

Hi MasonMac,

I’m a bit puzzled by your thread. You are describing the standard “touchpad experience”.

What is your point?


This is not the expected behaviour and is annoying. On Chrome, for instance, it will only zoom in if I hold down ctrl and then scroll. This happens frequently when performing small scrolls and trying to use ctrl for something else, like selection.

Correction, it seems that Chrome has disabled ctrl + scroll for zoom entirely with a touchpad input. I think this is a recent change, but I’m not entirely sure.

Happens frequently with many apps. Chrome might be the exception. That’s why I assumed it’s the “standard behaviour”. (read it as: not a bug, but a specific implementation is needed to avoid that “standard” behaviour)

And yes, it’s annoying when it happens, I agree. Never noticed on Scrivener before as I always use a mouse.