scrolling and zooming in composition mode

When i want to drag a block of text upwards, above what is being displayed on the screen, the text does not automatically scroll upwards, so that I can locate the new position to place the text. I currently have to cut and paste.

With Mountain Lion we have lost the ability to zoom using ctrl+2 finger upward gesture on trackpad. Could you allow Scrivener to respond to either the ‘smart zoom’ gesture (2 ginger tap) and the spreading of two fingers in order to zoom in on the text.

many thanks

David Farrall

You might wish to contact Apple technical support if your copy of 10.8 is not zooming. I’ve just tested it again, and if I toggle zoom control on with Opt-Cmd-8, then the old Trackpad scrolling + Ctrl and Opt-Cmd-+ / = zoom methods work fine. You can also visit the Universal Access system preferences panel where all of this is set up and verify the keyboard shortcuts are the same as you’re expecting them to be. I didn’t notice anything changing from 10.7, but I don’t use them often so I might be wrong.

As for this part relating to Scrivener: I can’t reproduce this particular problem myself in 10.8. I just tested drag induced scrolling and it worked. I think 10.8 might have a little more delay to it than earlier OS versions. Try holding it at the top or bottom of the screen a second longer.