Scrolling Binder in Full Screen/composition mode

Would it be practical to do a Keyed command, e.g. Option Up-Arrow etc… to move up and down the Binder list while in Full Screen mode. I commonly do editing of poetry anthologies and multiple small sections of chapters of books and find it tedious going back and forth during intense editing sessions. The full screen could also have a toggle to display the Binder document being edited. It would be nice to e.g. select 15 documents in order or not in order, of a folder’s list and scroll through them in Composition mode. ( or selected document across multiple folders in the same project)
Hope this would be a helpful addition for other users. Everyone works differently. Anyway, thanks for the listen.

Opt-Cmd-Up and Down Arrow will navigate you up and down through the binder. To load fifteen documents in for navigation, select the documents in the binder, corkboard or outliner (ensuring you are not in scrivenings mode), and load Composition mode. You can then navigate through those fifteen documents using the document history commands (Cmd-[ and Cmd-]).

All the best,

You rock Keith. Thanks.